The Cole County Fair starts Monday with the hottest temperatures mid-Missouri has seen this year.

JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Jaycees Cole County Fair started Monday, just as the hottest temperatures thus far this year are expected.

The gates open at 5 p.m. and the fair runs until Saturday, July 31. Wednesday and Thursday are the days to watch for the most severe heat and humidity. Though the fair doesn't open until the evening, temperatures are expected to reach the middle 90s, according to KOMU 8 First Alert Weather.

Chelsea Hite is on the fair board committee and explained that she does not think the high temperatures will have an effect on attendance. She also said that if needed, there is a place for guests and workers to cool off.

"They can come into our exhibit hall to cool off, and we are also selling water and stuff for them to have," Hite explained.

The fair will also have EMTs and the fire department on standby for any safety situations that need their assistance. 

Water will be sold at the fair, but no outside drinks, including water, are allowed into the fair, Hite said.

"People need to stay well hydrated with water. If people feel lightheaded and dizzy they need to find a cool place and sit down," Greg Rehagen, a licensed practical nurse at Jefferson City Medical Group, said.

However, the exhibit hall that the fair is offering to cool off if needed, only has fans running as a tool to cool the room off.

Hite has worked at the fair since 2011.

"I have not, throughout the years I have worked, I have not seen any scary accidents of people over heating," she explained.

Although Hite hasn't see any accidents of people over heating, with the temperatures being high this week, people need to remember if they plan on going to the fair, drink plenty of water.

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