COLUMBIA - With the new trash program officially in full swing in Columbia, some are fearing an increase in illegal dumping in private dumpsters.

The City of Columbia's Public Information Specialist Matt Nestor says 98% of residents are now using the new bags.

"It's been a very good transition. We had a couple of people from Water and Light handing out door tags for anyone that didn't have bags, and they went to 900 houses and only handed out fewer than 30 tags," Nestor said.

The new program is estimated to reduce up to 6,000 tons of waste a year in the city's landfill.

"That was an estimate from our vendor, about 6,000 tons a year that will go to other places than the landfill," Nestor said.

Some residents, however, are wary that the new regulations will cause an increase in others dumping trash in their private dumpsters.

A manager at Como Smoke and Fire said that they're hoping for the best but aren't sure what to expect.

"You know, we haven't seen any increase in our dumpsters filling up yet, but we are ready for it just because we have to be," Carl Ball said.

Nestor says the transition has been a smooth one, and he doesn't expect any major changes to the program in the near future.

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