Jefferson City Board of Education to vote on school calendar changes

JEFFERSON CITY - With the next school year in sight, the Jefferson City School District is looking at changing the 2021-2022 student calendar. The change would include an early release every Monday instead of once a month. 

If approved, students would be released 70 minutes early on Mondays. Right now, students are released two hours early once a month. 

On Monday, the proposed changes will be put up for discussion and vote at the district's board of education meeting.

The hope is that these modifications will allow teachers and staff to have more time to plan and collaborate. Currently, teachers have to spend time outside of the classroom to get that type of work done.

Jefferson City elementary school teacher Kayler Meyerpeter said she understands that struggle all too well. 

"We end up having to work after school a lot," Meyerpeter said. "Having those 70 minutes every week will give us the opportunity to be with our team members and to be planning and not having to put that time outside of our contracted hours."

On the other hand, there are growing concerns among families about those parents and guardians who would be at work during the early release.

Many parents have spoken out on social media. One Facebook user posted they were concerned affective lessons would be cut short by the early release schedule. 

The new proposed calendar also includes a day off for staff on Nov. 1 that  previously took place during winter break. It also includes two remote learning days for grades 9-12 instead of having no school for the state track meet, which is set to be hosted at Jefferson City High School.

The board of education meeting is set to take place at the Miller Performing Arts Center at 6 p.m. Monday.

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