Governor Mike Parson and his wife Teresa hosted Saturday's events.

JEFFERSON CITY - The Bicentennial Inaugural Parade was held Saturday morning in Jefferson city to celebrate the significance and history of the state of Missouri.

Some state officials were in attendance; Governor Mike Parson walked in the parade alongside his wife, Teresa. Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe also walked in the parade and greeted people on each float.

Kehoe spoke on the significance of the parade. He said, "Well you don't turn 200 years old everyday. The governor's idea was to celebrate our state's birthday by having a parade..."

He also emphasized how overwhelming the support has been from community members, noting the large turnout.

"We had numerous floats with veterans on it," Kehoe said. "The most heartwarming thing I would say, is as those veteran's floats went through the community, people were cheering and screaming for them."

The parade featured multiple bands from state universities such as the University of Missouri, Missouri State, Lincoln University, and more.

Some attendees were there to see their family members march and dance in the parade.

"I'm excited to see my daughters in Marching Mizzou," parent Scott Winkler said. I've got two freshmen that go to the University of Missouri and we're gonna watch them here in the parade today."

One Lee's Summit resident was there to see his daughter perform with the rest of the Mizzou Golden Girls, but said the history of the event to him was also special.

"My whole family is 4th generation Missourian, so it's very important for me to learn and keep track of the history," Eric Pickett said.

Pickett said he likes to live by the motto, 'You need to know where you've been to know where you're going.'

Festivities will conclude late Saturday night at the Bicentennial Inaugural Ball on the Capitol's lawn. The ball will end with a firework show overlooking the Missouri River.

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