COLUMBIA - Cities around Missouri will propose an additional sales tax on recreational marijuana in April elections. 

If passed, the measure would place an additional three percent tax on marijuana sales on top of the state's existing six percent tax. 

Kingdom City is one area that plans to include the issue on its April 4 ballot. Larry Doyle, Kingdom City's city manager, said the board decided to propose the tax in an effort to raise additional funds for the city. 

He said that no matter what residents' opinions are about Amendment 3, Kingdom City could ultimately benefit from the possible tax revenue.  

"I say that if you can help the community by allowing them to gain tax dollars off of something, even if they don't agree with it, you might as well collect the tax dollars," Doyle said. 

According to Doyle, the city board would decide what the funds would go towards, including possible improvements to local roads, water projects and more. 

With a population of 120 people, Kingdom City currently does not have any dispensaries in town. Despite this, Doyle said the city's location off the interpass of I-70 and 54 makes it a potential hub for dispensaries. 

As such, the proposed tax is intended to be a preemptive measure to help Kingdom City capitalize on any future marijuana sales. 

Doyle said it is now up to the people of Kingdom City to decide what is best for the community. According to Doyle, although voters in the area are generally against taxing, they are also in favor of tax dollars that help the community. 

The nearby city of Fulton will also propose a three percent tax on marijuana. Similar to Kingdom City, Fulton does not have any dispensaries in town as of now. 

Bob Washington, a member of Fulton's City Council, said he is in favor of the proposed tax. 

"As long as it (marijuana) is legal, we might as well tax it," Washington said. 

Additionally, Columbia and Jefferson City will also include the issue on their ballots. Both cities currently have operating dispensaries, unlike Kingdom City and Fulton. 

If Columbia residents vote in favor of the additional three percent tax, the funds will be allocated towards the city’s general fund. According to the city of Columbia, over half of this revenue will specifically go towards public safety. 

The Jefferson City Council is still deciding how the additional funds will be spent if the tax passes. 

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