COLUMBIA - The Knights of Columbia held their annual Lent fish fry on Friday, serving over 1,000 fish meals to Columbia residents.

The big change to this year's event come in the form of drive-thru serving. 

Usually, ticket holders would pack into the auditorium of the Knights of Columbus hall to enjoy their meals, however this year, all patrons were asked to stay in their car and got their food delivered to them. 

Tim Vargesko, Grand Knight of the group, says this year's fry serves the same one it always has.

"It's a win-win for both organizations, the city of Columbia and for us Knights, we can put this on, it's great for everyone that can come out and volunteer too," Vargesko said.

The Knights have put on the fish fry for 26 consecutive years, each one bringing more and more people in.

This year, so many people came to the fry at once, that Boone County Joint Communications had to send a heavy traffic congestion notice out alerting motorists not attending the fry to consider an alternate route.

All of the fish was prepared fresh within the facility and fried outside in a shack that was constructed Friday morning. A group of volunteers helped assemble all of the fryers and tables within the shack, who also assembled the tarp roof to prevent weather from being an issue. 

The Knights have already started planning their next fish fry and say they will continue to sell tickets online as well as in the drive-thru. 

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