LAKE OF THE OZARKS - Warming temperatures means that ice and snow across the state are beginning to melt. This raises the chances that someone could fall into a what looks to be full frozen body of water. 

This winter has brought the most ice that the Lake of the Ozark has seen in nearly 25 years. In many places the lake has 6 inches of ice, making those parts strong enough to support a car. While the ice is strong in some places, the rising temperatures has weakened the ice tremendously. 

"We've seen some people venture out on the ice, but for the most part people have been safe," Lake Ozark Fire Division Admin Tim Dorsey said. "It looks like it would support you, but there are weak spots all over."

Lake Ozark Fire Protection District ran through its ice rescue training Monday and invited KOMU 8 to watch. The training focuses on different simulated scenarios where the team is faced with saving someone trapped in the lake. 

"We have some guys doing their training for the first time and others that have done this multiple times," Fire Chief Mark Amsinger said. 

While the ice appears to be thick enough to walk on, the mixture of the water underneath the ice and the warmer weather have made the ice brittle. 

"What we see most the time is people's dogs going out on the water and then the owner going out to get them," Dorsey said. "If that happens, you should try to get the animal to come back, but call us instead of going out to save them yourself." 

LOFPD has not responded to an ice rescue call this year and continues to urge people to stay off the ice in order to keep it that way. 

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