COLUMBIA - Thomas Shultz, a former fraternity member charged with felony hazing in the Danny Santulli case, is asking to move the case out of Boone County.

The defense lawyer for Shultz said it's impossible for Shultz to get a fair trial in Boone County. 

"I think it's going to be very, very difficult for, for my clients to fair trial using a jury from the county. And obviously, we put a motion together to either move the trial out of the county board for the jury here," Shultz's attorney Brent Haden said.

He said the reason was because of the number of MU employees in Boone county and extensive media coverage.

"I think that one of those is the only way that Thomas Shultz gets a fair trial, given the amount of media attention and number of statements made by multiple parties in the press," Haden said.

Shultz pleaded not guilty to the felony hazing charge, to tampering with physical evidence in a felony prosecution, as well as a misdemeanor charge of supplying liquor to a minor in July.

Santulli is the former MU freshman who was hospitalized for nearly 8 months with injuries caused by alcohol poisoning. The incident happened last fall at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house.

The 19-year-old is home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with his family but is blind and unable to walk or communicate, according to the family’s lawyer.

The judge has not made a decision on whether to move the case. The final decision is set for Aug. 22. 

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