COLUMBIA - With the recent hot temperatures, keeping your plants alive can be tricky, especially for new gardeners. 

Helmi’s Gardens Operations Manager Alex Bergman says plants can go through stress as the heat increases throughout the summer months.

“There is definitely more stress for plants in the heat, house plants, annuals, trees, new plantings. Everything gets a little bit stressed out when it’s this warm," Bergman said.

The biggest thing that comes as no surprise is to make sure you are keeping up with watering.

“If plants are in extreme heat, they are going to be drinking more, so keeping them well watered is the best bet for keeping them healthy,” Bergman said. 

Checking the soil is important to keep plants alive and looking their best.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said healthy soil is the foundation for a productive garden.

"It is a living natural resource that is teaming with billions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes," the USDA said.

Direct sunlight is another factor that can play into the plant's health. It depends on what type of plant it is because not all plants can take direct sunlight.

“House plants, I really wouldn’t put in direct sun… shade even, like a shady patio is going to be healthier from them. It is going to be more light than inside your house, and they are going to love it no matter what,” Bergman said. 

Annuals, perennials and landscaping plants can take full sun, but it just depends on what type of plant it is. 

Bergman recommends watering once daily if your plant is in a container and it is over 100 degrees.

If your plant is in the ground and well-established, Bergman said it will be just fine because it will draw all the water up from its root system. 

An overall tip she recommends is checking your plant's soil at various spots for water.

“Some things that are right near your downspouts might be at a different level of water throughout the year, especially right after rain they might be wetter or drier than other spots,” Bergman said. 

Bergman also says if you do have problems with your plants, you can give them a call or bring a photo of your plant into Helmi’s Gardens to trouble shoot. 

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