COLUMBIA-- The United States Congress is negotiating a relief package which could include a $600 stimulus bill for Americans who qualify.

The package would cost Congress nearly $900 billion and would not include money for state and local aid or lawsuit protection.

The checks would go directly to individuals, as well as $300 a week in jobless benefits.

Congress could send out $330 billion for small business loans. It also would send money for vaccine distribution.

Missouri residents said the bill, though helpful, would not solve the problems brought on by COVID-19.

Columbia resident Jonnie Mo Nida lost his job less than a month after COVID-19 shutdowns began, and has struggled to make ends meet ever since.

Mo Nida said $1,200 wasn't enough to cover his bills the first time around, but he was still expected to pay them. 

"Just a small amount of change thrown at us is not going to save America," Mo Nida said. "Especially when they will most likely just make us pay for it come tax time."

Another resident shared the same sentiment. 

"Everybody could use it, I would love to have an extra couple $100 laying around," Sam Schellin said. "But I know that I'm going to have to pay that back in some way, whether it's for taxes next year, two years from now, something like that, it's going to come from me, eventually."

Shellin lost his job as a personal trainer when the shutdown started and had to use unemployment benefits until he found a new job. He said the money would help his family, but they don't necessarily need it.

Congress has not yet reached a deal on the relief package.

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