MARIES COUNTY - The Maries County Sheriff is refusing to serve a Canadian citation to a Maries County resident, claiming the citation is "unlawful". 

The Amherst Police Department in Nova Scotia issued a citation to a Maries County minor for "Fail to quarantine or self isolate", according to the document. The minor was traveling with her parents to Canada in December. 

The ticket requests the minor return to Nova Scotia to appear in court on February 3. Sheriff Chris Heitman is refusing to serve the ticket "as it is a clear violation of the United States Constitution," according to the Sheriff's Facebook post. 

***Update*** Please note the person charged with this offense was not sick, had not been exposed, and was not showing...

Posted by Office of the Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman on Friday, January 22, 2021

According to the sheriff, the family has a permit to enter Canada without quarantining or self isolating. The letter back to the Amherst Police Department explained the freedom to travel "is basic in our scheme of values."

"They had those permits to travel back and forth without quarantining because of their service of rescuing animals," Heitman said. "I believe it's unlawful that they received this citation after reviewing the information." 

Heitman explained one factor he believes makes the citation unlawful is the Canadian police department issuing the citation after the family returned to the United States. 

"If they wanted to serve our citizen a ticket they should have done it when they were in their country, not when they already returned home," Heitman said. 

After the sheriff's refusal to deliver the ticket to the Maries County family, Heitman explained he does not think the Canadian police department will take further action. 

"I think the court proceedings will probably stop," Heitman said. "This isn't a typical scenario that would require extradition." 

The sheriff's department would not release the name of the ticketed minor. The family's attorney is working to dismissing the charges with the Canadian police department. 

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