COLUMBIA — The True/False Film Fest will return to Columbia next Wednesday. It was about the last public event held before the pandemic shut things down in March of 2020.

As organizers prepare for one of the city's biggest events, they are discussing the CDC's new mask guidance announced today.

Health officials decided fully vaccinated Americans do not need to wear a mask outdoors unless they are in a big crowd of people.

True/False's interim artistic director said even with this change, their rules remain the same.

"We're not checking vaccination papers at the door of the park," said True/False Artistic Director David Wilson. "We're asking you to stay in your pod and distance and we're asking you to wear a mask."

Most of the festival events are at Stephens Lake Park.

"We're going to do the fest outdoors. We're going to do the fest distanced and we're going to do the fest masked and that's for everybody no matter what your vaccination status is," Wilson said.

He said it's been a year of feeling stuck and he encourages people to come out, but staff will be in place to strictly enforce these rules. If guests refuse to comply, staff will escort them out.

True/False still has passes and tickets available. You can head to their website to purchase.

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