COLUMBIA - Memorial Day weekend brings travel and activity for many, though that can come with costs.

Traveling numbers were expected to be up this year compared to previous years. More than 42.3 million people are planning to travel by air, car, bus and more, for this Memorial Day weekend. 

“With 37.1 million Americans expected to take a road trip this weekend, roadways and gas stations will be busy,” AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria said. “Drivers are paying nearly a dollar less per gallon than last year when fuel prices were on their way to record setting levels.”

Employees at Midway Truck Stop off of I-70 West have seen a heavy amount of foot traffic on Friday.

"It's been busier than usual," said Sonya Rasa-Jones, an employee of Midway Truck Stop. "Of course, it's a holiday weekend. We're usually busy anyway, but we're busier than usual."

GasBuddy reports that Americans will spend $1.6 billion less on gas this Memorial Day weekend, compared to last year. Overall, oil supply has improved, including in the United States where annual oil output is projected to hit an all-time high.

Today’s gas prices are not cheap, compared to gas prices in the past years. But they’re still miles away from the record high of $5.02 a gallon last June.

Reports from AAA show that drivers in Missouri are paying the eighth lowest average price in the country for unleaded gas at about $3.22 per gallon. 

Columbia is sitting just above that with a price of $3.25 per gallon for unleaded fuel.

AAA warns that gas prices will continue to fluctuate as the weekend progresses due to high demand.

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