COLUMBIA - A time-tested landmark has begun to fall in Columbia.

The MFA tower off of Paris Road entered the starting stages of demolition Tuesday afternoon.

MFA Agri Services has closed five centers across Missouri since 2019, including: Bronaugh, Columbia, Essex, Fulton and Springfield.

The land was bought by Scott Rasa, owner and operator of Earthworks Excavation in 2020.

The tower stood in Columbia since the 1960s, where residents say it became a beacon of familiarity around the area.

Jeriel Palmer, who moved to Columbia from Chicago last August, said he used the tower as a beacon to know that he's home.

"We were still getting to know the area and the streets and we would sometimes see this little building here from a distance, and we'd know, that's just, letting us know we're close to home". 

Palmer continued to say that while there will be other landmarks to help him remember home, the MFA tower will be missed.

"This was just one of the nicer ones that we're going to miss out on,". Palmer said.

Demolition of the tower will continue throughout the week.

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