Lynlee Renick is accused of murdering her husband, Benjamin Renick, in 2017.

COLUMBIA - The pre-trial hearing for Lynlee Renick took place Friday at the Boone County Courthouse. Renick is charged with first-degree murder, accused of killing her husband, Benjamin Renick, in 2017. 

Michael Humphrey, a co-conspirator in the murder, was found guilty of first degree murder and armed criminal action earlier this month.

Friday the prosecution revealed it has the gun it believes was used to kill Benjamin, and that it was on its way to a crime lab.

The prosecution said it struck a deal with Humphrey to get that gun.

Humphrey had previously said he did not know where the gun was. But prosecutors said in exchange for testifying against Lynlee Renick and leading them to the murder weapon, his first degree murder conviction would be downgraded to second degree murder with the opportunity for parole.

The prosecution said Lynlee tried to poison her husband one week before it said she eventually murdered him. The prosecution said when that failed, she went to Humphrey and he gave her a gun.

Lynlee Renick's trial begins Dec. 3rd.

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