The Mid-Mo Canna Expo has kicked off just before the holiday that most correlates, 4/20.

COLUMBIA - The Mid-Mo Canna Expo kicked off its first annual event right before 4/20 with the purpose of better educating those on medicinal marijuana. 

The expo is ran by John Borland, owner of GrassRoots and The Domestic Gardener. 

"There is no other event in the state like this," Borland said. "I wanted to bring the dispensaries, the growers, the patients all together."

He stated that by bringing this vast range of knowledge, he hopes people will begin to become more educated on the benefits of using legal marijuana. 

Doctor John Judd is a physician at the expo who is there to help those interested in becoming medical cannabis certified.

"There are many conditions it can be helpful for including anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, and those are just a few," Judd said. 

Doctor Judd is one of many at the expo who are knowledgeable resources in regard to the use of medical marijuana. You could find these people at the 17 tables available at the expo.

Jay Patel, CEO of Green Relief Dispensaries, saw the benefits of medicinal marijuana and was excited to bring his knowledge and dispensary to the Mid-Mo Canna Expo.

He spoke on how he has seen the positive effects of cannabis after watching his grandmother suffer from Multiple Myeloma.

"We have seen magical results," Patel said. "She was able to get off of chemo because of the cannabis plant."

Whether it is advice from a doctor or those who have seen the impact of cannabis, this is an opportunity to better understand medical marijuana. 

"This is totally an educational experience," Borland said. "Everybody come here to learn things they have no clue about or don't know who to talk to."

The expo will continue Tuesday from noon to 5 p.m. The event will be held entirely under the tent is weather appears to be an issue.

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