FULTON - Hundreds of people enjoyed fried mushrooms and local beers at the ninth annual Morels and Microbrews Festival in downtown Fulton.

According to an organizer, there were 25 to 30 local alcohol stands at the festival. Those with tickets could sample any drink at any stand. People also bought fried morels, a mushroom that is considered a delicate and special find.

"Today the oatmeal stout is really popular," Rod Dothage, brewer for Prison Brews in Jefferson City said. "It's a stark, sweet, chocolatey, caramelly, a little bit of coffee, very malty ale."

The festival was canceled last year due to COVID-19. This year, organizers took precautions such as fewer tickets and trying to organize the event in a way that would space people out.

"In our effort we tried to just space people out better, not cramp people in," Blaine McQuaid-Pestle, member of the events committee for Morels and Microbrews said.  "I think it worked really great. We still have a very full event, but there's definitely room to walk around."

HubertusBiere out of St. Louis goes to festivals with beers from other brewers to help promote other brewers.

"We're showcasing 2nd Shift Brewing Company and Rockwell Beer Company, which are both located in St. Louis," Cody Hubertus of HubertusBeire said.

Hubertus said they were excited to come out and show their love of craft beer.

McQuaid-Pestle said the morels are all regionally picked. She said the festival will be back next year for its tenth year.

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