COLUMBIA − The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri announced a partnership with the Fresh Food Connect app, which will connect backyard gardeners and hunger relief organizations.

The app was made to help gardeners who produce more than they need to get the opportunity to give back to food-insecure communities in Boone County.

The app is made for Apple and Android and it connects to the Central Pantry, which is the local pantry the Food Bank owns. The pantry serves Boone County and over 10,000 people each month.

Katie Kracht, the Food Sourcing Coordinator at the Food Bank, says the app just started in early June, and she can't wait to see how the app turns out.

"This is a brand new app, and we are hoping to get as many backyard gardeners as we can to donate fresh, healthy, local produce to Central Pantry," Kracht said.

You can download the app for Apple here and Android here.