MILLER COUNTY - Wednesday will mark the opening of the new Route 54 interchange at Lake of the Ozarks.

The opening is coming just before the annual increase in traffic to the area. 

The two-year project is part of MoDOT's ongoing efforts to improve safety for travelers on at the intersection of U.S. Route 54, Business Route 54, Miller County Route W, and Osage Hills Road.

Traffic signals at the intersection will be removed and will coincide with the opening of a new interchange that will attach these roads to Route 54 in a "more efficient manner."

Once the signals are removed, traffic from Route W, Osage Hills Road and Business Route 54 will no longer be able to access Route 54 at the existing signal location and will be required to use the new interchange.

Central Area Engineer Robert Lynch says traffic will move smoother with the new interchange.

“When the signals at the intersection are removed and the new interchange is opened, traffic will be able to flow more freely and safely through that area. We’re excited to reach this landmark moment in the project.” Lynch said.

The project also involves bringing multiple new connecting roads and three roundabouts in the same area.

Deactivation and removal of the traffic signals is set to begin on Wednesday, April 21, while eastbound and westbound lane closures will be required on Route 54 through Friday, April 23.

Motorists are advised to proceed through the area with caution.

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