COLUMBIA - One person and a dog were rescued Thursday afternoon after they had fallen through ice on a frozen lake in a southwest Columbia neighborhood. 

The Columbia Fire Department was called to the water rescue in the 2600 block of Carrera Drive around 3:04 p.m.  CFD said it took the crew 10 minutes to reach the site due to the current weather conditions.

CFD learned one individual who had fallen through the ice was able to get out of the water and was taken to a nearby residence.  

A person nearby in a kayak began breaking ice in attempt to get to the dog, but then fell from the kayak into the water. The fire crew assisted the person out of the water and to his home nearby, a news release said.

The firefighters saw that the dog was still in the water approximately 30 feet from the shore. Prior to their arrival, firefighters had already put on special ice-rescue gear and were able to reach the dog and safely guide it from the water. 

The rescue of the dog was completed within 4 minutes of the crews’ arrival.

The CFD wants to remind residents of these ice-safety considerations:

  • If a dog or another person has fallen through ice, you will likely fall through as well if you try to help them,
  • Ice should be a minimum of 4 inches thick to carry the weight of a single person and thicker if more than one person is in the same area,
  • Don't gather in groups on the ice,
  • Don't go onto the ice if it has the appearance of shattered glass (no matter the thickness),
  • Don't go onto the ice if it is cracked or covered with snow (thinner areas of ice may be hidden underneath),
  • Don't ever go onto ice alone,
  • Have some type of floatation device with you, if possible.

If you have any uncertainty about its condition, your safest option is to stay off the ice, CFD said.

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