COLUMBIA – The pro-choice organization NARAL is hosting a 'Week of Action' to advocate for the right to choose in Missouri. 

The four virtual events being held this week include 'Sharing Stories for Reproductive Freedom,' 'Our Stories in Action Lobby Day,' 'Internet Culture as Activism,' and 'The People’s Hearing.' 

The organization says the purpose behind the events is to protect and advance reproductive freedom.  

The ‘Freedom Fighters' are taking this week to advocate for freedom of choice, as well as better reproductive healthcare rights in Missouri. 

The Week of Action comes after last week's 'March for Life in the Midwest' event at the Missouri Capitol. 

March of Life said encouraging lawmakers at the local level to craft policies that respect the dignity of human life is one of the most effective means of building a culture of life. 

NARAL is partnering with a coalition of organizations across the state to mobilize Missourians. 

Organization Executive Director, Mallory Schwartz, said the week is about uplifting the voices of the community and protecting reproductive freedom. 

“We know that sharing our personal stories has the power to move our elected officials into action,” Schwartz said.

On Tuesday, leaders, group members, and volunteers will reach out directly to Missouri’s legislatures. 

“The decision of if, when, how, and with whom to start or grow your family affects all of us, and in many different ways,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz encourages all members of the public to visit their website for more information, and get involved in the activities happening this week. 

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