JEFFERSON CITY - Abolitionists @ Mizzou, members from OASIS, and other LGBTQ student activists, gathered outside the Missouri State Capitol for a march against recent legislation regarding transgender issues in the Missouri state legislature on Saturday.

The bills being protested include youth-sports bills such as SB 503, HJR 53, HJR 56, HB 1045, HB 1077 and HB 1184.  The main goal of these bills is to only allow middle, high school and college athletes to participate in sports based on their biological sex.  

Other bills being protested include HB 33 (prohibits medical providers from administering medical or surgical treatment for the purpose of gender reassignment for anyone under the age of 18), HB 1128 (allows the Department of Social Services to give consent to routine and non-routine medical care for a child in the Division's custody) and SB 442 (prohibits any physician, surgeon, nurse, or other health personnel from administering any hormonal treatment or performing any surgical treatment for the purpose of gender reassignment for anyone under age 18). 

HJR 53 would require schools to designate athletic teams or sports based as "males," "men," or "boys"; "females," "women," or "girls"; or "coed or "mixed."

In summary, biologically male students cannot participate in athletic teams or sports designated for females. It also designates that students who previously participated in sports designated for females cannot participate in those female teams if they have begun sex or gender transitioning.

However, female students can participate in male sports if there is not a comparable female sport. 

Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Mo.) has sponsored HJR 53 and HB 1045.

"I have granddaughters, a couple of them play high school sports.  And, I think that they should compete in the sex that they were given at birth," Basye said.  

HB 1045 is designed to set guidelines for public school student participation in athletic contests organized by biological sex.  

The protestors who gathered around the Capitol argued that the bills criminalize medical best practices for transgender youth. Those at the march also demanded an end to violence against the trans community, specifically Black trans women, and for Trans liberation.

"So, I really hope that people just see that trans people exist and that we are here and that we can do anything that they can do…. Except a little bit better," MU student and member of Abolitionist @ Mizzou group, Marion Johnson, said.  

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