COLUMBIA- The 4th annual Stonegrinder 7K Trail Run was held Saturday morning at Capen Park in Columbia.  

Over 100 people participated. 

"With the weather being so frigid the last few weeks, we slowly started to see our numbers climb when the weather started to warm up," recreation services manager for Columbia Parks and Recreation, Erika Coffman, said.  

Coffman was in charge of the 7K race Saturday morning and said the temperature increase into the high 30s enticed people to run today.  

Columbia residents Kimberly and Brad Earnest ran the Stonegrinder 7K for the first time this morning. Kimberly has been racing for 26 years. 

"The Columbia Parks and Rec. just put on a great race. It's been fun to have something to train for to get you out in this cold weather," Kimberly said. "Just keeps you motivated."  

The Earnest couple, both avid runners, enjoy running outdoors. Brad Earnest said that he thought today's weather was comfortable. 

"It actually felt really nice. Once you got going, I was never cold," Brad said.  "That was refreshing compared to last week when it was like 0 degrees."  

While some thought the weather made the terrain pleasant, the winner of the Stonegrinder 7K Trail Run, Rowan Musick, thought the warming of the snow made the trail somewhat slippery.  

"The snow was a little slippery in some places, because it warmed up yesterday," Musick said. "So, some of it then was ice instead of snow."  

Musick, a Columbia resident, is a sophomore at Loyala University Chicago.  Musick is home in Columbia while his classes are remote. 

While the trail may have been slippery, Musick pushed through and came in first place, while enjoying the race.  

"It's like a fun run. I just wanted to come out and try it," Musick said.  

The event normally has an awards ceremony and celebration afterwards, but due to the pandemic, that did not happen. 

While social distancing, people were gathered with family, friends, pets and enjoyed snacks in the parking lot.  

"It was cold today, but out here, I feel great now. As long as you dress in layers. The sun is out, and it's warming up to me. It's a glorious day to be out here," Columbia Parks and Recreation volunteer, Harry Beckett, said.  

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