VIDEO: Severe storms in mid-Missouri leave one man injured, multiple businesses damaged

Power should return to Boone County residents by the end of the evening.

BOONE COUNTY − A severe thunderstorm Sunday night ripped across Boone County, damaging not only multiple properties, but also causing a power outage for more than 2,000 residents.

Edward Biering was severely injured after two tree limbs fell and hit him in the 700 block of Cook Avenue. His wife, Brandi Quiroz, told KOMU 8 News that Biering was taken to the hospital as a trauma patient. He had serious head and spine injuries. 

Biering was released from the hospital Monday night. He was able to walk after a session of physical therapy. He said it was a miracle he could come home.

"I'm still here," Biering said. "It is a miracle that I am walking -- barely walking. I'm not walking to my full extent. It hurts to walk. But, I'm not going to lay down and just let it beat me." 

Rosetta Walton, a neighbor on the street that Biering and Quiroz work on, said he warned her to move the car in her driveway. Biering said he could hear the tree in her front lawn cracking. When Walton went back inside to get her keys, she said that's when she heard him scream after the two limbs hit him. 

"He was basically bleeding out," Quiroz said. "I just wrapped his head and held him until I got a paramedic here."

Around 10:25 on Sunday night, Columbia Police PIO Jeff Pitts said officers were sent to the 700 block of Cook Avenue. Police were responding a report of shots fired, but on route, officers learned no shots were fired. Instead, the noise was the two tree limbs that fell on top of Biering. 

Quiroz said Biering has to go back to the hospital in five days to check on the swelling, possibly get the staples from his head removed and also check back in on his back. 

Property damage and power outages were scattered across mid-Missouri. For some Columbia residents on Lynnwood Drive, it took around 13 hours to get power back on from losing it during the storm. 

Jaylin Larkins, 13, said the power flickered on and off before shutting off completely. Her grandma picked her up this morning to escape the power outage. 

"To go relax, get away from here, go get some power and make sure everyone's okay," Larkins said. 

Businesses such as Coopers Landing dealt with a lot of damage from parts of trees being crushed on camping trailers, to powerlines snapped by the high winds.

In its essence, it looks like a battlefield.

One Coopers Landing camper, Kate Waltman, said the storm Sunday night was so strong, it smashed a window in their camping trailer.

“We thought we would spend the night. We brought our camper down, listened to a band and had some barbeque,” Waltman said. “I went to bed and then the storm hit. It came up pretty quick on the camper radar, and all of the sudden, there were strong winds.”

So far, this is one of the strongest storms Boone County has seen this season.

According to Boone Electric Cooperative worker Jason Toalsom, the storm was the worst he had seen in a long time.

“At one time we had more than 2,500 [customers] out last night,” Toalsom said. “This is the worst one I’ve seen in quite a while.”

As of 2:50 p.m., 58 residents were still without power. Boone Electric Cooperative states that all power will be back online by the end of the day Monday.