COLUMBIA - Missouri's Show Me State Games held its 8th Annual Pumpkin Fun Run Saturday morning at Phillips Lake Park in Columbia. 

Though cancelled last fall due to the pandemic, the games hosted a "not your average" Pumpkin Fun Run to make up for the missed event, according to Executive Director Dave Fox. 

"This is the opportunity for us to bring back an event that's dedicated for kids K-5 in Boone County," Fox said. "It creates a little competition and most importantly we are so fortunate and happy to be back and reengaged. We're kind of returning to play, coming out of what's been a really difficult year."

Kids from elementary schools throughout Boone County participated in the 1.4 mile run around the lake. The three schools with the most student participation will receive a $500 scholarship for their physical education department.

Participants were able to sign up either online or at the event, and they received a t-shirt, doughnut and water. 

"We like to be active, whether it's cold or warm or in between," Katy Jennings, mom of participant Brody Jennings said. 

Brody said he enjoyed the run Saturday morning and would likely be participating in more events in the future. 

"I just didn't want to stop," Brody Jennings said. "I just felt like I should just keep on going no matter what."

The Show Me State Games main events will start in June and run throughout the summer. There will be a second Pumpkin Fun Run in October. 

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