RENICK - The small town of Renick is in need of a new emergency warning system. The current system is about 40-years-old and has been broken for two years. 

The town has been unable to receive any grant funding for the project, so Renick Mayor John Muehe took matters into his own hands and started a GoFundMe page to raise money. 

On Friday, Jan. 22, he had raised $115, with only his daughter and granddaughter donating.

On Monday, the page has a little over $1,500 raised. 

"I am really glad to see progress, any bit really helps a lot. We hope to continue to see donations roll in," Muehe said.  

Muehe has been contacted by a company that may have parts to fix the old system.

The age of the current siren is a concern for Muehe and he would prefer to be able to provide the town with a new one, but knows a working one would be much better than nothing. 

The town of Renick was among many others that were devastated by a tornado outbreak across mid-Missouri in March of 2006. 

From Renick alone, at least 26 people were injured and four were killed. 

The nearest sirens are found in Moberly, over five miles away, and most outdoor warning sirens can only be heard from a distance of half a mile. 

The cost of a new siren is about $25,000, so there is still progress to be made. 

"I would hope we are able to reach our goal and get a new one. We are definitely off to a good start and I am still trying to get more exposure to get the word out," Muehe said. 

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