RENICK - A struggling small town in mid-Missouri is rich with storm history, but poor in emergency storm services. 

Renick, Missouri has a population of less than 200 people. The handful of public servants, including their mayor, are volunteers who are trying to change the financial struggles of the town. 

"Everybody wants something done but no one is willing to do anything," said Renick Mayor John Muehe. "Those of us on the board are doing our best."

Muehe retired in 2007 and moved back to Renick, where he wanted to do something to save the struggling town. 

The most pressing emergency was the lack of a working storm siren in Renick.

"Our storm siren was given to us," Muehe said. "We couldn't afford one in the first place. Everyone on the town board is strictly volunteer, we can barely afford to keep the gas and lights on." the mayor said.

The broken storm siren that stands across from Renick R-V School is 40 years old and stopped properly functioning two years ago.

Muehe created a GoFundMe for a new siren two days ago.

The fight for a new storm siren in the town dates back to a series of tornadoes that devastated the town over 10 years ago. 

In March 2006, a tornado outbreak leveled mid-Missouri over the course of three days, touching down in Renick on the second day, March 12.

Over 20 tornados touched down across Missouri and Kansas, hitting Renick especially hard. The Renick tornado, which began in Moberly, left four killed and 26 people injured in the small town.

After the devastation left by the tornadoes, Renick residents pushed for a storm siren to be put in the town.

KOMU 8 News reported shortly after the 2006 tornados that Renick doesn't qualify for a grant from the state or federal government to install a siren because the median income of the village is too high. 

"We just do not have the funds to buy a new storm siren," Muehe said. "Its a town of 170 people." 

To this day, the closest storm siren to the town is over five miles away in Moberly. Unfortunately for Renick residents, outdoor warning systems can only be heard from half a mile away.

Muehe's biggest concern for the lack of emergency storm services is the students of Renick R-V School.

He fears that the school won't be able to take safety precautions if they can't hear when serious weather is coming.

Muehe wanted to take the problem into is own hands, which led him to fundraising.

"A new siren would cost about $25,000," he said. "But I was hoping that through the GoFundMe page we might be able to buy a siren before tornado season, if we can get all the help we can get."

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