Some CPS students are eager for last day of summer school festivities

COLUMBIA — Columbia Public Schools' summer school is coming to an end, and some kids can't wait for what the day brings. 

The school district held a six-week summer school after the program was canceled in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Marley and Mikayla Merritt go to Paxton Keeley Elementary. 

Mikayla is in kindergarten, and Marley is in third grade. 

The girls said this year has been fun. 

"My favorite part is definitely getting to play and meet new friends," Marley said. 

For Mikayla, it's a little different. 

"My favorite part is getting to go outside everyday," she said. "I like to do hopscotch." 

The girls said they are excited for the last day of school.

"I get to wear my pajamas and we get to watch a movie," Marley said. "We even get to play with water balloons and sponges." 

Marley said they convinced their teacher to even do a yes day. 

"The girls were talking about how we want Ms. Harley to say yes and then we convinced the boys," Marley said. "She said if we kept asking for it then she'd say yes and that was pretty awesome." 

So Ms. Harley's third grade class gets pajama day, a movie, a water day and a teacher that has to say yes to everything for the day. 

Mikayla said her class gets to have a popsicle party. 

"I'm not sure what kind of popsicle I'm gonna have," she said. 

Mikayla said this year's summer school was a little different. 

"You have to wear a mask," Mikayla said. "Even once you're sleeping for nap time." 

She said at lunch the teachers have to pick your seats. 

The girls said summer school has been fun, but they are pretty excited for it to be over. 

The school year will begin Aug. 24 for Columbia Public Schools.

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