Film fests like True/False are vital for the filmmakers who present their work.

COLUMBIA - As the True/False Film Fest gets set to air its final films, the importance of the event for those who made the films is brought full circle.

The film fest was one of the last major tourism events that took place in Columbia last year, as the pandemic put restrictions on all types of events around the world.

Robin Petré, a film director who's film "From the Wild Sea" will be shown at True/False, said the opportunities from film fests are invaluable.

"Film festivals, and what they provide in terms of opportunities and networking is just crucial," Petré said. "I'm sure that I'm not the only filmmaker who feels this way."

Petré has made multiple films, including "Pulse," which was shown across the world in different festivals.

"The larger ones, they're just so impressive," she said. "They're so organized and professional. They're always good for networking because they attract big names and you can connect. But the smaller festivals, they're also nice because it's more intimate and they often do creative things."

The films scheduled to play in Stephen's Lake Park Saturday night were cancelled due to projected inclement weather, according to emails from fest organizers sent out to ticket holders Saturday afternoon.

However, the films can still be viewed on the fest's virtual site. For questions regarding the cancellations, True/False organizers can be reached at 573-442-8783 or

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