Three of four charged in the death of a child in Benton County in late December appeared before a judge Tuesday.

Investigators say neighbors killed a 4-year-old girl to “remove a demon.” Prosecutors charged Ethan Mast, 35, and Kourtney Aumen, 21, with second-degree murder. The girl’s parents Mary S. Mast, 29, and James A. Mast, 28, face felony child endangerment resulting in death charges.

All appeared in court Tuesday except Ethan Mast. He does not have an attorney. A judge ordered him back in court January 19.

Two members of a Springfield child advocacy organization attended Tuesday’s hearings. They tell KY3 News they plan on being at every court date until the girl receives justice.

”Seeing them was very hard,” said Mel Pleasant & Tiffany Hill, Child Advocacy Against Pedophilia. “The mom especially. She laughed. She laughed when she left the courtroom. I find nothing funny not one thing funny about this case. About her daughter’s death. She turned around from her attorney she smiled the whole way out. That’s disturbing.”

The group is hosting a vigil for the girl at the Benton County Courthouse Tuesday night. The child advocacy group will also host a peaceful protest at the courthouse on January 16.

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