COLUMBIA - The True/False Film Festival wrapped up on Sunday after changing its venue due to the pandemic.

The festival was held at Stephens Lake Park and the Holiday Inn Executive Center. Normally, True/False is held in downtown Columbia. But, the pandemic posed new challenges for the event.

Online ticketing was a new change this year to reduce the number of touch points for True/False goers. The event, which lasted an extra day than usual, also showed fewer films.  

The fest's theme this year was, 'Nature of Uncertainty.' 

"Here we are in a park, doing things outside, everyday is new weather and everyday is new circumstances," Interim Artistic Director David Wilson said. "That felt like an appropriate parallel for life during the pandemic."

Wilson said coming up with the idea of how to host a film fest safely during a pandemic was a challenge.

"We had a breakthrough when we realized all we could do was imagine tomorrow," Wilson said. 

People could also view the films virtually. Wilson said the virtual fest has reached people in Berlin, United Kingdom, Washington, New York, and Los Angeles. On Saturday, True/False had to cancel in-person viewings due to the wind. 

"To set this up is an enormous undertaking," Director of Development and Communications Stacie Pottinger said. "The fact that we pulled it off at all is a plus."

Pottinger became a full time staff member for True/False two years ago. She started 4 months before the pandemic hit.

"We are not the biggest, but we are beloved among film makers and among the community. And I think that really showed,” Pottinger said.

Courtney Daniels has volunteered for four years at True/False.

"You gotta be ready for anything," Daniels. "You gotta be ready for the weather. You gotta be ready for disappointment."

But, Wilson said disappointment wasn't what people were feeling this year.

"The community has met us with an incredible amount of grace," Wilson said. "People understood the hitches and the weather."

The Super Circle, Simple, and Teleported Fest passes all sold out. Organizers said they are not sure how many people attended the fest this year just yet. 

Organizers said they plan to have True/False in March in 2022. They are also hoping to be back in downtown Columbia next year.