Columbia man charged in federal court for child porn

MOBERLY - Moberly police officers responded to a domestic assault at 1028 Sinnock Ave., at 2:48 a.m. Friday, February 21, according to a news release from the Moberly Police Department.

Upon arrival, officers heard Ronald Graupman, 66, screaming and damaging property inside. Graupman made threats of killing the victim and did not comply with officers.

According to the press release, when officers entered the residence, Graupman threatened them with a knife, screw driver, and a metal framing triangle.

When Graupman began to moved closer to the victim in the trailer, the press release states that officers hit him in the leg with a single extended range foam round.

Upon being hit, Graupman dropped the weapon and was taken into custody.

The victim, 93, was found in the back of the trailer with no injuries.

Graupman remains in custody without bond at the Randolph County Justice Center on charges of domestic assault and assault on law enforcement.

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