MU students moving out of residence halls

MU students are moving out of residence halls for the holidays. 

COLUMBIA - MU sent out an email last week announcing classes after Thanksgiving would be remote, and encouraging students not to return until next semester.

Many students, especially those living on campus, are taking that advice.

MU News Bureau Associate Director Liz McCune said they sent out an email survey to all students in residential halls at MU to fill out. 

“The majority of students that we’re hearing from are choosing to stay home,” McCune said. "We're telling students, 'go ahead,' who are choosing to go home, to pack so that they can stay home for the duration of winter break."

Students were moving out today, and they're packing for an extended stay at home.

MU Freshman Hayley Mattern said she had no reason to stick around.

"Since we're going to remote learning, I just didn't see the point in staying," Mattern said.

She said she didn't know how to feel about the news. "It was kind of disappointing... kind of a mixed-feeling," Mattern said.

Mattern said she was packing for the holidays, knowing she might not be back for awhile. She lives in a residence hall in the middle of campus. 

"I'm packing up and taking all of my things I actually care about," Mattern said. She doesn't know if she will come back next semester if she doesn't have in-person classes.

MU Senior Rachael Lindquist lives in a student-living apartment off campus. She will not be returning after Thanksgiving either.

"I just think that everyone being with all of their families and friends over Thanksgiving is not the safest option to come back to," Lindquist said. "And then having to go see my family after that... it just makes me a little nervous."

Lindquist said the email did not really change her plans.

"I was already planning to [go home]. I kind of expected it to happen," Lindquist said. "But now that the University is encouraging it, I feel like it's even more... I need to go home."

MU Sophomore Allison Hildebranski lives in a Greek house right off campus. She has changed plans to accommodate Mizzou's request.

"I'm actually leaving tomorrow to go home, and then I'm gonna be home all the way through January 20," Hildenbranski said. "Mizzou said it would be a good idea to just stay home if you can, and I'm fortunate enough to stay home."

Hildebranski originally had a flight back scheduled for after Thanksgiving break, but she cancelled it.

"I talked to my parents and we decided to just cancel my flight and stay home," she said. 

Hildebranski said she is actually excited for the extra time at home with her family, but she knows not everyone is looking forward to it. 

McCune emphasized that students are not actually moving out, they are just "temporarily relocating home".

In MU's email last week, the Chancellor said that students "should pack belongings they would need for an extended absence when leaving for the holidays, but plan to return to Columbia for the spring term in January."

"We're starting next semester as planned," McCune said. "We're just viewing this as a temporary move for students to go home. We fully expect them to return in January."

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