The universities updated masking requirements last week to align with the CDC's new masking guidelines.

COLUMBIA - Starting Monday, Aug. 2, the University of Missouri and Lincoln University will require students, staff and faculty to wear masks inside classrooms regardless of vaccination status.

The new requirements come shortly after the Center for Disease Protection Control updated its masking guidelines for last week.

The CDC now recommends people wear masks inside public places regardless of vaccination status in areas of high transmission of COVID-19. This includes most of the state of Missouri. 

The CDC said the change is due to the highly contagious Delta variant. 

Last week, MU and Lincoln University decided to update their own masking requirements based on the CDC's new recommendations.

MU's new policy requires students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear masks in the classroom and meeting rooms on campus. In all other indoor spaces, the university will require unvaccinated people to wear masks and recommends masks for fully vaccinated people. 

In it's announcement about the new masking guidelines, the university listed these exceptions:

  • When you are alone in a workspace
  • When your workspace has at least a 6-foot distance between all employees or has physical barriers between employees like plexiglass or cubicle wall
  • When you are eating or drinking and 6 feet away from others or divided by physical barrier
  • When you are with small numbers of people you consistently live or work with daily (known as a stable group) including roommates, officemates or lab co-workers.

MU will review the new policy on Sept. 15.

Lincoln University will require masks to be worn in all indoor places. Lincoln leaders will review local, state and national trends every week to determine a need for change in protocol.

Lincoln University will also ask students and staff to use the Campus Clear app, a self-reporting app, to report Covid-19 symptoms to the school.