Mizzou football player pleads guilty to peace disturbance gets probation

COLUMBIA - The Boone County Prosecutor's Office charged Mizzou defensive end Tre Williams with domestic assault, court records confirm.

A statement from Boone County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Knight sent Wednesday said, "The case involving Tre Williams has not been dismissed. Because this is a pending case, no further comment will be made by this office at this time."

According to the filed probable cause statement, Williams and the victim got into an argument at Fieldhouse Bar in downtown Columbia early Sunday morning. She later picked Williams up, and while driving him to a friend's house the two got into another argument.

While driving, the woman said Williams grabbed the steering wheel and "tried to wreck the car" at least three times. While on South Providence, the victim said she pulled over because Williams kept hitting and slapping her. When she told him to get out, Williams apparently refused, so the victim said she threw his phone out of the car.

According to her, he got out to get the phone, then reached through her window and choked her. The victim said she then rolled her window up and drove off.

Williams has been charged with second-degree domestic assault, a felony punishable by up to seven years in prison. Williams' arraignment has been set for January 2.

(Editor's note: a previous story published by KOMU cited the Missourian in saying prosecutors would not file charges against Williams. Court records verified charges have been filed against Williams)

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