Ressel Plays Role of "Silent Assassin"

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By: Eric Blumberg

COLUMBIA - When Jeff Wolfert left Mizzou after the 2008 season as the most accurate kicker in school history, no one could have guessed his replacement would quietly finish 1st team All-Big 12 and receive multiple All-American honors.

Derrick Washington was one of the best running backs in school history. Quarterback Blaine Gabbert is projected as a future pro and Aldon Smith is already Mizzou's single-season sack leader.

So what does this skinny kid have in common with him.

"They're bigger faces than I am...I'm just the kicker."

Grant Ressel is the kicker. One good enough to join the other Tigers on this season's promotional poster.

"Well, (Jeff) Wolfert was on the poster. I thought it was pretty cool. I mean it's a cool looking poster regardless of if I'm on it. Just being on it is kinda cool."

Senior receiver Brandon Gerau knows his teammate is deserving of his poster appearance.

"Grant's the man. He deserves it. Especially coming in here as a walk-on. What did he miss? One field goal last year? 100 percent on PAT's. He's got it all."

Ressel wrangled 26 of 27 fields goals last season. He finished perfect on all 39 extra points. His most memorable moment happened when he hit the game-winning kick against Kansas.

"One of my friends had a class with him the whole year and not once did he mention that he played football," Gerau recalled. "I just thought that was really cool. He's humble about himself and a great guy."

"I don't think it's changed that much. Some people recognize you, but I don't really feel any different. I try not to think about it too much. You kinda gotta stay in yourself to get a big head," said Ressel.

Fame has not changed him, but he really has not seen much fame.

"I've only been recognized two or three times in public. The first time was actually in St. that was kind of weird. It happened in St. Louis before Columbia."

Gerau finds that people do not really know about Ressel's lighter side.

"Like a silent assassin. Sometimes he'll just look at you and I'll start laughing. There were times when I was lifting and I had to get up from the bench because I couldn't take him serious."

If only he would have taken the helmet off for his ride on his teammates' shoulders.

"Not really...I don't really like the attention," Ressel said. "I like to blend in."

Ressel plans to work in dentistry after his Mizzou career ends...just like former Tiger quarterback Chase Patton.

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