Room At The Inn provides warmth this winter

COLUMBIA - The temperatures are dropping and doors are opening at the Room At The Inn.

It provides a warm, safe place to sleep during the winter months. 

Its season began December 3 and plans to provide warmth to those in need through mid March.

The capacity is 50 people and is open to those 18 and older with no children.

While there are plenty of people, director Jim Jantz said Room At The Inn needs 150 volunteers.

"There's a gap in providing for the homeless and the faith community and the rest of Columbia is coming together to meet that need in the gap. We would like for there to be a permanent shelter," he said.

Overnight manager Bess Frissell said being able to help out is a good feeling.

"I enjoy being able to help people get off the street. I love lending a helping hand because it is important we keep people warm as the temperatures continue to drop. Sometimes places like these are people's last resort," Frissell said.

Other places such as the Salvation Army have its doors open also.

Room At The Inn is hosted by seven different churches. It is open 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. with check-in beginning at 6:30 p.m. The remaining 2017-18 schedule is:

  • December 18-January 1: Fairview United Methodist Church, 3200 Chapel Hill Road
  • January 2-27: Broadway Christian Church, 2601 W. Broadway
  • January 28-February 10: Missouri United Methodist Church, 204 S. Ninth Street
  • February 11-17: First Presbyterian Church, 16 Hitt Street
  • February 18-March 3: First Baptist Church, 1112 E. Broadway
  • March 4-10: Calvary Episcopal Church, 123 S. Ninth Street

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