Sisters gather for educating one another

COLUMBIA – Reaching all generations was the goal of one Columbia woman on Saturday. 

Cheryl Miller is the president of Black Women with Voices, a non-profit organization created to promote awareness of violence against African American women. But on Saturday, she promoted a different cause. 

“This was a Sister to Sister salon conversation, in which the population here were black women,” Miller said. “We were here to discuss today how black women can be more of a participant in the election process and the voting process.” 

Miller said the group discussed collective issues and how they could go about getting more black women involved in the political process.

“A lot of issues are going around which cross over and affect our lives,” she said.

Miller listed issues such as lower wages for black women as a primary problem. 

“That’s an issue that’s important to us,” she said. “How do we talk about this to come up with solutions of how to address this?”

But Miller said the group also wanted to look toward the future.

Sarai Buckins, Miller’s 6-year-old granddaughter, was one of the people in attendance. Despite her young age, Buckins expressed excitement for the meeting.

“I was learning about votes,” Buckins said. 

She said she did not know anything about voting coming into the presentation, but she enjoyed learning about it. She also liked hearing from some of the guest speakers that stopped by the salon.

Buckins said the meeting was important to her and she looked up to her grandmother and mother. 

“We have to think about what our future will look like for [our grandchildren] and how they too can learn to become involved with this process,” Miller said.

Miller said she plans on having more Sister to Sister salons in the future. The next one is set for July 14.