KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KMBC) -- A criminal grand jury investigation has been opened by federal prosecutors into Roger Golubski, a former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective.

According to CNN, the detective is accused of using his badge to terrorize Black women. He also allegedly coerced some of them into fabricating testimony to clear cases he investigated.

Golubski is accused of being "a dirty cop who used the power of his badge to exploit vulnerable black women, including black women who worked as prostitutes," according to a 2019 civil complaint filed by a man exonerated of a double murder. The investegation of that case was handled by Golubski

He has been retired from the KCKPD since 2010.

Golubski is not currently charged with any crimes or facing any sort of formal punishment. The first formal hearing.

The Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity released a statement on Golubski.

"MORE2 has been in communication with multiple victims of Golbuski for over four years now. One such victim, who we refer to as "Survivor X," to protect her, was repeatedly raped by a uniformed Golubski for years, following his role in the incarceration of her young sons. We called "Survivor X" for a comment. She said, "Hurray, they're finally doing something about this?! That makes me so happy if they are finally doing something about all this 'BS' they've been covering up for years."

Golubski and his attorneys did not make themselves immediately available for comment.

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