JEFFERSON CITY - More financial assistance is coming to Missouri’s foster care and adoptive families.

Governor Mike Parson will sign House Bill 429 and House Bill 430 Thursday at a ceremony on the Capitol lawn. Both bills will provide additional financial help to Missouri parents who foster children or adopt.

In Boone County, there are about 300 children in foster care. In the state, there are between 12,000 to 13,000 children in the foster care system, according to Coyote Hill foster care service.

Kari Hopkins, Chief Development Officer for Coyote Hill, said this financial assistance will make a big difference, and she is excited to see how these bills positively impact families.

Coyote Hill

HB 429 and HB 430 will provide additional tax credit and deductions for foster care and adoptive parents.

"Still so many kids need a safe home, and this removes a financial burden on the adoptive and foster parents," Hopkins said. "It also promotes permanency - it's a quicker step to adoption and permanency, which every kid in foster care longs for a permanent home."

House Bill 429 will give an income tax deduction for up to $5,000 for the expenses related to providing care for a foster care child.

House Bill 430 would expand Missouri's $10,000 tax credit to any parent who adopts a child. Previously, this tax credit only applied when parents adopted a special needs child.

DeAnne Alonso, CEO of Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association, said the tax credit can provide more resources to take care of the children.

"The credit will really expand on financial means for those families to be able to care for those children in a better way," Alonso said.

Alonso's personal story is out of foster care and now gives back in her position. She is hoping that this extra financial assistance will encourage more people to think about foster care and adoption.

"We are super hopeful that more and more families will call the adoptive family resource centers of Missouri to just inquire about the children and youth that are available for adoption, and consider the tax credit to help them get over the hump a little bit," Alonso said.

To learn more about Coyote Hill, visit its website and to learn more about Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association, visit its website.

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