Missouri surpasses 1 million COVID-19 vaccinations

On Saturday, Missouri passed the milestone for 1 million administered doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a press release from the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA).

The total includes nearly 700,000 Missourians who have received an initial dose of the vaccine and more than 300,000 who have received the booster, according to the press release.

Despite the effects of the weather, which delayed vaccine delivery for scheduled events throughout the week, Missouri vaccinators are continuing to increase shots in arms statewide.

Medical students share COVID-19 vaccine information with minority community

Medical students at the University of Missouri-Columbia have stepped up to spread information about the COVID-19 vaccine to minority communities.

On February 24, a panel of Black doctors and nurses will be answering the communities questions about the COVID-19 vaccine in a webinar.

Having gotten the vaccine themselves, all three students wanted to share their own experiences, too. The students visited members of the Black community on Sunday to answer questions about the vaccine and to let them know about an upcoming panel.

The link to the webinar is https://bit.ly/2NgQZVR. It runs from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

Fulton's mask mandate expires Sunday night

The City of Fulton's mask ordinance expired Sunday evening after city council members voted not to extend the ordinance.

With the ordinance expiring, business owners are still wanting to be cautious when it comes to their employees and customers.

As for residents, some told KOMU 8 News they are relieved to not have to wear masks while going out. Others are still planning on wearing masks when out in public.

Ice damages docks at Lake of the Ozarks

The cold winter weather has not only caused the Lake of the Ozarks to freeze over, but the docks, too.

Several docks have been damaged due to the ice freezing over the main channel of the lake. 

Owner of Atlas Docks, a certified dock building company, Matt Hasselbring said he’s been working on docks for 20 years. Hasselbring said Atlas Docks received between 60 to 70 calls related to damages on Saturday. He said that's a lot more than usual.

“You have the ice holding docks or structures there in one place, and the water is going down,” Hasselbring said. “You have a lot of the docks not going down there. They're stuck about 4 feet in the air and we're having to go out and lower them back down. And that causes damage obviously.”

Ameren Missouri spokesperson Brad Brown said it’s unusual for the lake to freeze over. He said the last time the main channel froze over was 20 years ago.

Jefferson City Board of Education to vote on school calendar changes

With the next school year in sight, the Jefferson City School District is looking at changing the 2021-2022 student calendar. The change would include an early release every Monday instead of once a month. 

If approved, students would be released 70 minutes early on Mondays. Right now, students are released two hours early once a month. 

On Monday, the proposed changes will be put up for discussion and vote at the district's board of education meeting. 

The hope is that these modifications will allow teachers and staff to have more time to plan and collaborate. Currently, teachers have to spend time outside of the classroom to get that type of work done.

Barn fire in Boone County results in animal losses

The Boone County Fire Protection District (BCFPD) responded to a large barn fire which left several animals dead in northeast Columbia Sunday evening. 

Fourteen firefighters were on the scene and able to extinguish the fire by around 6:30 p.m. Smoke from the fire could be seen from a mile away.

BCFPD said in a tweet that the barn was "fully involved" when units arrived at the scene around 4:40 p.m. 

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