JEFFERSON CITY - June 15th marks National Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The day is meant to bring awareness to abuse elderly people may go through.

The abuse can come in many forms. Whether it be neglect, financial exploitation, physical or mental abuse. 

According to the Missouri Division of Senior and Disability Services, the state received about 28,000 calls regarding elder abuse in 2020. Nationally, 5 million older adults are estimated to be abused per year. The Division also said that it's estimated for every one report of abuse, 23 go unreported. 

Director of the Missouri Division of Senior and Disability Services Melanie Highland says that checking in and staying involved can help stop these cases of abuse.

"The most important thing people can do to help raise awareness is to talk about things." Highland said. "Find an elder in your community, a loved one, a family member, a neighbor check in on them find out what's going on in their lives." 

Checking in on loved ones is what's really crucial to stopping this abuse.

"When people are disconnected from the world that's where abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and bullying are really ripe," Highland said.

Missouri's hotline for reporting elder abuse is 800-392-0210.