JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry sent out a message to Governor Mike Parson and the state yesterday, regarding their attempt to overreach private businesses on vaccination policies.

This week, lawmakers are preparing for hearings on anti-business proposals that would give the state government the power to override vaccination mandates set by employers. Led by the Chamber, the Missouri business community is uniting to stop this government action.

The letter by the Chamber has one main point: let businesses decide how they want to handle vaccinations among their employees. If an employer wants to require his workers to get the vaccination, then let him. If an employer doesn't care whether his workers are vaccinated or not, then let him not put out a mandate. The Chamber argues that the government should never have control over what a private business can and can't do.

The Chamber fears that if the business community doesn't stand up now to Mike Parson and the state, their inaction could encourage more laws that further intrude on free enterprise. Also, this letter stands against efforts to expand unemployment benefits to employees who choose not to comply with vaccination requirements. The Chamber believes that these proposals would harm Missouri's recovery by worsening the workforce shortage while creating additional costs for employers.

Missouri Republicans and business groups engaged earlier today in a state House hearing over more than a dozen bills to limit COVID-19 vaccination mandates by employers.

More than 250 Missouri employers and business leaders have co-signed the Chamber's letter urging legislators to set aside these proposals.

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