JEFFERSON CITY - On Friday, July 30, Governor Mike Parson granted 12 pardons, including Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and commuted two sentences.

Names were released Tuesday afternoon after families were notified. 

The McCloskeys, a St. Louis area couple, were among the group of individuals who were granted clemency. 

On June 28, 2020, during George Floyd protests in St. Louis, the McCloskeys pointed firearms at protesters who marched too close to their home in a private community. The two said they felt threatened by the protesters, who were on their way to demonstrate in front of the mayor’s house nearby.

No shots were fired and no injuries occurred. This incident sparked national news and controversy. 

Then on July 20, 2020, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner filed charges against the couple. The McCloskeys pled guilty to misdemeanor offenses, and both individuals had to pay fines. The guns used in the incident were surrendered and taken away. 

Parson previously said in October 2020 he would pardon the couple if convicted.

In May, Mark announced his run for U.S. Senate in 2022, following Roy Blunt's decision to not seek reelection. 

Following the announcement, House Minority Leader Crystal Quade released the following statement:

“It is beyond disgusting that Mark and Patricia McCloskey admitted they broke the law and within weeks are rewarded with pardons, yet men like Kevin Strickland, who has spent more than 40 years in prison for crimes even prosecutors now say he didn’t commit, remain behind bars with no hope of clemency. The contrast between the governor’s treatment of these cases should offend every Missourian’s sense of justice. It also proves the governor doesn’t have one.”

The following people were also pardoned: 

  • Phillip Vancil
  • Roy Middleton
  • Travis Gilliland
  • Dennis Hargiss
  • Linda Floyd
  • Marlo Finner
  • Kenneth Callahan
  • John Biggs
  • Randy Huggins
  • Jeremy Murray

The following two had sentences commuted:

  • Matthew Carrell
  • Deitra Cole

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