Jefferson City — State Rep. Derek Grier, R-Chesterfield, has recently filed legislation to ensure the rights of Missourians who are now working from home. 

According to a news release from Grier’s office, House Bill 491 seeks to prohibit local governments and local officials from issuing unreasonable and far reaching regulations against those operating businesses from home as the world adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Protecting home based businesses is more important than ever in the wake of Covid-19,” Grier said. "Local officials should not be able to arbitrarily stop people from operating businesses out of their homes. Regulation of home-based businesses must be narrowly tailored and serve a clear public interest."

Under the bill, municipalities would be banned from restricting the operation of “no-impact home-based businesses” and requiring a person to obtain a permit or license to operate such a business.

The release says municipalities would be allowed to establish reasonable regulations if they are narrowly tailored for specified purposes, such as public health and safety.

Grier’s legislation will be considered by the Missouri General Assembly, which officially convened for the 2021 legislative session on Wednesday.

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