COLUMBIA- The US government has sent a surge team to southwest Missouri that includes direct help from the CDC to combat the spread of the delta variant. 

According to The New York Times, Missouri's daily average for cases is up to 1,077. 

Greene County leads all counties with a daily average of 154. 

When local resources aren't enough the state health department is typically there to help, but if they can't the CDC is called in to help. 

"CDC has staff that we could request help from them and they'll send them," Boone County Public Health Assistant Director Scott Clardy said. "That's what's happened down in Springfield."

There is some confusion in the air regarding the surge team. 

"We don't know a whole lot yet about how to request the teams, how many they'll be, how long it will take them to be here," Clardy said. 

According to a member of the Greene County Health Department, Springfield has received one epidemiologist from the CDC who is helping with the situation. 

"When we request things like that they get here pretty quickly," Clardy said. "You don't have time to waste in fighting an outbreak." 

Boone county has yet to request help from the federal government. 

According to Clardy, the county has not needed any help from federal resources since the beginning of the pandemic. 

"We were able to hire a lot of local temporary staff to help us," Clardy said. "We never got to that point where we felt like we needed that." 

Clardy said that Boone County's high vaccination rate has helped them through the delta surge. 

If the surge were to get out of hand, there is a slight possibility that Boone County would request help from outside resources. 

"It would have to be to the point where it just completely overwhelmed our local resources," Clardy said.