The group hosted a virtual "call to action" Tuesday night in response to Gov. Mike Parson halting expansion for Medicaid in Missouri.

MISSOURI — A group dating to 2014 known as "The Medicaid 23" hosted a statewide virtual call to action Tuesday in response to Gov. Mike Parson halting expansion for Medicaid in Missouri. 

Voters in Missouri approved a constitutional amendment back in August of 2020 that would expand MO HealthNet eligibility to people between 100% and 138% of the federal poverty line. 

About 270,000 Missourians will become eligible on July 1 for the expanded Medicaid, including individuals who make $17,236 a year or less and families of three who make no more than $28,676 a year. 

However, on May 13 Gov. Parson halted the Medicaid expansion and formally withdrew it from the General Assembly's fiscal year 2022 budget.

Reverend Doctor Cassandra Gould, the executive director of Missouri Faith Voices was joined by clergy members from Medicaid 23 across Missouri for the virtual call to action to remember two colleagues who recently passed away, Dr. Wallace Hartsfield and Dr. Doyle Sager. 

Gould stated that today's call to action was held virtually to help bring the clergy members together safely even though they are located across Missouri.

"Now it being over Zoom means we don't necessarily have the energy, you know, of being, you know, let's say outside the governor's mansion or the capitol, the scene of the crime".