Students Give Positive Response to New Columbia Regional Flights

COLUMBIA - After hearing the news of Columbia Regional Airport's additional flights, many MU students are looking forward to an easier way to travel home.

Mayor Bob McDavid announced Thursday evening that American Airlines will begin flying to Chicago and Dallas in February. Illinois and Texas have two of the largest populations of out-of-state MU students, so many students thought these new locations made a lot of sense.

Z-Shan Bhaldani says that he has family in Illinois and many friends who don't like the long drives home to Chicago, so he thinks the new flights are a great idea. However, he thinks it would be a good idea to start the flights before Christmas break so people can get home more easily.

Other MU students heralded the new flights for their potential to bring more competition to the airline business in Columbia and make the roads less busy when holidays roll around.


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