Sweetening Callaway for 50 years

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By: Megan Murphy

KINGDOM CITY - For 50 years she's sweetened the trip through Kingdom City. At 89 years old, Ozarkland's Miss Daisy could never get retirement to stick. Marcile Hickman is a sweetheart who knows the way to your sweet tooth. "As long as I can keep up and do my share, but when the time comes that I can't, that's when I'm going to quit," said Marcile Hickman, candy maker.

"When I opened the store, I thought I'll work for two or three years and then I'll quit because my kids are little. I just never found no time to quit," said Hickman. Marcile was manager when Ozarkland opened in 1960 and became confectioner.

"After all this time, it's kind of grown on me. I guess it's a habit," said Hickman.
"By golly, by guess. Just tried it out and thought, well, we'll add a little bit more of this," said Hickman. This is the same concoction she uses for life.
"My mother had a great habit of saying you always put in until you felt like it was enough," said Hickman. When it comes to working, Marcile doesn't think she has put in enough yet, even though her late husband probably would.
"He'd probably say, mother, it's about time you was quitting. That's probably what he would say. I'd say no, no. Not yet," said Hickman. Just shy of 58 years of marriage, her husband, Clyde was her number one taste tester and chauffeur.

"When it was icy outside, I wouldn't drive and he would bring me. A friend asked him one day what he had been doing that day and he said, I'm driving Miss Daisy. And from then on, I was Miss Daisy," said Hickman. There's nothing sweeter than the twinkle in Miss Daisy's eye, but her Ozarkland special is a close second.

Even though she can't eat it anymore, her candy is still mixed with love. "I love candy but I'm a diabetic. It doesn't bother me and I've always loved candy. Oh gosh. I've eaten my fair share of it," said Hickman.

With a dash of delight, a spoonful of satisfaction and a dollop of Miss Daisy, in Marcile's recipe for life and candy, there is no need for exact measurements.

"Well, I think it works pretty good. I've had a good life," said Hickman. The store is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. most days.


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