The Callaway Queen

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By: Jake Schlegel

KINGDOM CITY, MO -- You'll find her at every North Callaway football game. Katy Stinson is loud and loving.

Stinson was born with Down syndrome, a broken leg, and no nasal passages.

"The nurse there took a one piece pacifier and cut the end of it off and then taped it across her mouth so she would have to breathe through her mouth," said Debbie Stinson, Katy's mom.

After six weeks, Stinson went home for the first time, but she needed constant attention.

"She was on a monitor and when the monitor went off either one or two things happened, either her heart stopped beating or she stopped breathing," said John Stinson, Katy's dad.

Throughout the following eight months, Stinson underwent five nose surgeries. Then, four days before her first birthday, she had open heart surgery.

"It was the longest day that we've ever had," said Debbie Stinson. "I can remember the tube down her throat and her crying, but there's no sound coming out and that was just really hard for me, cause I knew, I knew she was in pain but there wasn't anything that I could do for her."

About 10 years later, Stinson had hip surgery, but she bounced back quickly.

"It was on a Monday and that Friday night she was at a North Callaway game, and everybody, they couldn't believe it," said Debbie Stinson.

Stinson graduated from North Callaway this past spring, but not without a little more drama.

"Matt Moore, he asked me to go to prom with him," said Katy Stinson.

Stinson went to prom and was nominated as a candidate for prom queen.

"The way they do it, they have jars at the dance, and when you come in you take a marble and you put it in to the container, and Katy's container was pretty full," said Debbie Stinson.

Indeed, Stinson won prom queen, and she wears her crown proudly to this day.


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